Longevity Toolkit: Preparing for Treatable and Preventable Medical Emergencies

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Sitting at the intersection of emergency medicine and longevity medicine has allowed me to see that the field of longevity medicine should not neglect to encourage people to prepare for treatable emergencies. How tragic is it to imagine an individual who invests in an aggressive approach to avoiding chronic disease, only for them to perish from a treatable emergency?

The Wealth of Selection

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“There was an air of luxury about the room, but it was the luxury of expert simplicity; she noted the costly furniture, carefully chosen for comfort, bought somewhere at a time when luxury had still been an art. There were no superfluous objects…This was Mulligan’s concept of wealth, she thought—the wealth of selection, not of accumulation.”

— Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Discussion with Danielle Miller, MD on Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

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I wrote up a case from a patient of mine who was diagnosed and successfully treated for functional hypothalamic amenorrhea. A colleague of mine who specializes in fertility wellness helped me a great deal with this case. She and I got together on Zoom to discuss details of the case. I hope you enjoy the video and the show notes.