Longevity Toolkit: Preparing for Treatable and Preventable Medical Emergencies

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Sitting at the intersection of emergency medicine and longevity medicine has allowed me to see that the field of longevity medicine should not neglect to encourage people to prepare for treatable emergencies. How tragic is it to imagine an individual who invests in an aggressive approach to avoiding chronic disease, only for them to perish from a treatable emergency?

Should You Get a Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test?

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There are several different companies now offering Multi-Cancer Early detection tests. The test I am writing about today is the Galleri test by GRAIL. This test works by looking for methylation patterns on cell-free DNA in blood samples. The test generates one of two possible results: “Cancer Signal Detected,” or “Cancer Signal Not Detected.”

Write Your Own Last Act

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I’d like to approach my end with tranquility and dignity, to exert my will up until my last breath, to leave a legacy of strength and pride rather than fear and self-pity.

I am doubtful that if I were faced with my own mortality at this moment that I would live up to such grand expectations, which is why I wanted to highlight two inspiring stories that were in the news this week.